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The Grand Connection community was fortunate last Friday to have our guest expert Sherly Plouffe share her insights and practical action steps to build our business using video online.

Sheryl Plouffe is purposeful and totally passionate about video and she has spent over 20,000 hours in front of a camera as a TV broadcaster.

She is a sought-after speaker and video marketing space with a wealth of knowledge. Video can transform not just your business, it can transform your life. It’s bigger than you think. In 2020 she gained 1.5 million video views and over 14,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone, and she did it almost entirely with these methods. What is your excuse?

If you could get even a fraction of those numbers, how many of you believe that that would propel your business to new heights?

We let things get in the way. Sometimes it’s technology.

Think about what the thing is that you believe at this moment in time is holding you back. Make that declaration right now that there is something that’s holding you back and to give it voice and to just recognize it and say yep, this is probably the thing that’s getting in my way because, in order to tackle it, we have to first acknowledge it.

You have to be the person who’s creating the buzz around what it is that you do. Be the communicator of your message to an audience, create content to drive your audience and have people coming back to you over and over again. From that audience and attention you can monetize it.

There are two must have videos that you need to have in your arsenal. These are recorded videos that you are going to record on a device, desktop software and with your webcam. Here you press record and then there is some post production that’s going to have to happen. Who’s going to edit it? Ask yourself, do I have the skill set to edit which takes time, patience and persistence in order to become proficient at it.

The other video you need to be proficient at is a live recorded video style (like what we are demonstrating here with Facebook live in real time. When you lead with live video it allows you to get more content out there faster. Sheryl suggests that you start with lives’ as it’s the fastest way to getting up and running.

What is it costing you to stay invisible? We live in the attention economy and the currency is content, the currency that’s being traded in the attention economy is content.

If you have a bunch of videos that are recorded but they’re sitting on your phone and you don’t have the courage to put them out there, you will remain the best kept secret. You are invisible if you’re not creating content and putting it out there. Don’t be invisible.

The Universal Video Script
Can be used for live and for recorded video.
There are three steps to it: engage, educate and enroll.

The engage phase is how you grab someone’s attention – the hook.

3 ways to engage.

  1.   Startling statistic
  2.   Bold statement or be controversial
  3.   Quick pithy question

Position yourself as the authority, expert and resource leader. Give away your best stuff.

Give them a next step, a call to action. Ask for that follow, that sign up and thank them for their time. Remind them that you have more content, where this came from, or that you go live every week or that you have a YouTube channel where you publish every Thursday. Whatever the case may be.

You can apply the universal video script immediately to your business with your recorded and your live videos.

The full recording of this talk is live in the facebook group.

Sheryl has many free resources available on her website including a 13-page 6-Month Publishing Plan and her free weekly video training calls on zoom.  She has also offered our membership 50% off her upcoming challenge in March.  Email Sheryl for a coupon.