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What a grand event last Friday With Mike Vardy!
Mike gave us the foundational skills to control of our time and get more done.

“Your mind was meant to be a factory not a warehouse” – Mike Vardy

It’s a new year and the perfect time to get our productivity started out on the right foot.

Thanks to Mike Vardy and his 6 rules of productivity we all now have the tools to do that…

RULE #1: Capture Everything 

This includes your random thoughts, quotes that come to mind, ideas for your next offer, program or podcast episode. Make room in your mind by writing things down as they come. We all think that we will remember later on, when the truth is, we won’t. Don’t lose important soundbites from your brain – “Capture everything so you regret nothing” – Mike Vardy

RULE #2: Break It Down

Do you sometimes look at your to-do list and think WOW, that’s overwhelming? This is probably most likely due to putting what should be considered “projects” as tasks on the list. Instead we need to take that project and break it down into smaller manageable sections. Tasks that we can complete in as little as 5 minutes even. This not only makes life more manageable but it also allows us to group activities in accordance with when we may have time to complete them or even multiples of them.

RULE #3: Activate Your To-do List

Placing an action word aka a verb in front of each task on our list helps to alleviate confusion on where to start, separates the notes from the tasks and makes room for continuous flow.

When we set ourselves up in this fashion we will start to see action patterns that come up regularly and we can begin to group things together. This saves time overall while allowing us to identify which projects have snuck on our to-do-list that actually need further breakdown so we avoid the overwhelm.

RULE #4: Align Your Calendar & To-do List

Until we go into a mall and check out the information board we may not know if a particular store is still open there. Aligning our calendar with our to-do list works in the same way … “The calendar shows the directory and the to-do list shows the details.” – Mike Vardy

In order for this step to be successful it is important when laying things out on a calendar that we are paying attention to when we are most awake and working best.

Are we a morning person or is the afternoon a more productive time of day? Matching our energy with the task at hand will ensure that we get as much done within the time slot we have allotted.

RULE #5: Build Routines

Routines are perfect for keeping us organized, running on time and efficiently. If our mind knows what to expect, then it will be better prepared to move from one task to the next or from a working day into settling down for the evening. “Your evening and morning routines are the bookends of your day.” – Mike Vardy 

RULE #6: Champion Your Intentions

For many of us it is easier to be told what to do than to set the intention ourselves. However, when the intention comes clearly from us we will feel more accomplished once it has been achieved.

This doesn’t have to be daily. Nor does it have to be only left to tasks or big projects, they can be something as simple as “I want to meditate every morning, ” or “Call my Mom each week”.

Journaling can help with this …”If the calendar is the directory, your to-do list is the details, then a journal is the story of your life” – Mike Vardy – the more you journal the more your intentions will show up top of the list.


The Starting Six Worksheet (When they sign up they’ll get both a fillable and non-fillable PDF worksheet)


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