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Each of our JV partners shared their passion and enthusiasm for wellness as leaders in the healthcare industry. They are truly on a quest to support us to make wellness a priority with sharing their insightful approaches to connect, create and collaborate with our well-being and communities.


Jenny Ryce from Your Holistic Earth spoke about how connecting with our wellness is a priority. To think about redefining our wellness. The world health organization defines wellness as our  physical, mental and social well being. The Canadian Mental Health Association says 62% of business owners feel depressed once a week. We need to change this.

Challenge yourself to redefine your wellness.

  • Determine why your wellness is important to you personally and professionally. Get connected to your why!
  • Tap into tools and resources such as a coach, friend and/or accountability buddy. Get the support you need.
  • Get into the proactive state. Start small by adding one new habit and build on it.
  • Create new habits by putting room in your schedule.
  • Connect with yourself. Be kind to yourself as you build your new practices. Without grace we will not move forward. You will fall back and then keep moving forward with support.

Take the challenge to redefine your wellness and get connected to your wellness!

Jenny Ryce is the new owner of Your Holistic Earth, an inclusive community that connects health seekers with leading local and national experts in the field of holistic medicine. As well as connecting health professionals, so they may learn from each other and grow their business.


Heather Phillips talked to us about our energy and where we are in our health continuum. When we are born we are 100% and the center point is 0 and balanced. What happens when we have a health crisis or become unhealthy we fall below that 0 point. When we are above that 0 balance line we experience vitality, health and wellness. Our energy system acupuncture meridians are crucial to the body intact with getting enough sleep, good nutrition, creating movement and drinking good water. We need to have people on both sides of the continuum; a health crisis team and a health and vitality wellness team with a yoga coach, chiropractor and naturopath. It’s important to have fun taking care of our energy and our spirit.

Heather Phillips calls herself an Energy Movement Mentor and pain relief expert as well as a Muscle Tuner® Specialist. She is passionate about Energy Self-Care. She is the Director & Vice President of Muscle Tuners International Inc. and on the Global Team as the Canadian Ambassador for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.


Teresa Ostman is purposeful and passionate about collaboration to grow our businesses. She recommends that we collaborate to establish our brand and have the opportunity to produce more. When 2 – 3 businesses come together it can become 10 easily. She puts on wellness expos which brings together businesses and her competition to impact the community. It is through these collaborations that all the businesses receive the benefits of discounts and charity support with volunteers for each event. She is an advocate of forming collaborative partnerships for all to succeed and build positive relationships to grow together.

Teresa Ostman of Wellness News Canada has a passion for marketing and is the editor and publisher of the Wellnessnews Central Vancouver Island and she is proud to promote health and wellness in her community. She is the host of a wellness radio show twice a month, produces wellness expos and is a board member of two organizations and consistently collaborates with her community.


Melissa Deally of Your Guided Health Journey shared her passion on healthy living, self care and the concept of preventative wellness practices.

When you have your health, you have full energy cognitive function focus to live your life fully purposefully raise your family earn an income and have a joyous life. Who doesn’t want that? Without your health, you can’t do all of this from your bed. It’s that simple!

Melissa has been a brilliant supporter of the Grand Connection as a facilitator in our mastermind groups and as an advocate. Melissa helps people lead better lives. She is a purposeful and passionate Integrative Health Practitioner and loves to help people get to the root cause of their health issue. Her specialization is guiding the way to healing and inspiring people to be proactive in their health.

The recordings of all four talks will be posted in the facebook group soon!

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