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How can we be heard? This is the question on every entrepreneur’s mind and yet in today’s world it is getting harder and harder to be both seen and heard. We live in a time of information density or as Mark likes to call it – “Content Shock”, where information is coming at us full time around the clock.

Thanks to keynote speaker and author of “The Cumulative Advantage” Mark Schaefer the “HOW” was made a little easier at Friday’s Grand Event.


During our session Mark shared details on the first 2 of his 5 key ideas from his new book on building momentum and breaking through both in life and business.

Initial advantage – the random events in our lives that fuel our momentum forward into the work that we are most passionate about. The work that we not only look forward to doing but we bring the biggest change to the world with.

Seams – aka an under-defended and underserved need. It is in looking for the seams that we find our opportunity to break into a market and use our advantage to be seen and heard.

In today’s current climate there are 5 Seams happening right now that are ready and waiting for any one of us to take advantage of them…

Live Commerce – Similar to home shopping but it is over the internet where you can engage with fans, showcase products and provide entertainment.
Corona-Somnia – Gives opportunities for coaches to step in and bring the advice and help people need to overcome their struggle with getting a proper, full night’s sleep.
The Big Give – With the greatest wealth transfer happening in the world right now it brings opportunity for tax and banking advice, house development, movers, designers to step in and offer their services to so many more people.
Culinary Schools – People are learning how to cook at home thanks to the pandemic. They will need classes, marketing, accounting, tools for both baking and cooking.

Now it’s your turn! It’s your time!

Watch for the shifts that are occurring around you, and ask yourself how does this apply to me?

It starts with the awareness of what your advantages are and as Mark explained it could be in almost anything. Your advantage is just waiting for you to notice the seams and step up to seize the opportunity.

Carolyn and Susan interviewed Mark about the 5 steps which can be heard in the Grand Potential Podcast.

There are many ways to connect with Mark:

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Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, to our SELFIE CONTEST winner!!! Lorraine LaPointe is the prize winner of a month of Masterminds with Carolyn and Mike. Please reach out to Carolyn to claim your prize!

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Want more? Check out this trailer from Mark.