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Terilee Harrison

Our last event was a lot of fun. We did two rounds of real-time-connections followed by our expert speaker Terilee Harrison who shared her wisdom on growing your business through virtual networking. She kindly got up at 2:00 AM her time in Singapore to meet our community.

Terilee shared the tips on how to network like a Rockstar!

  • Be prepared with your introduction and your contact information to share in the chat in a positive way.
  • Be professional with your appearance, background, mute and stay engaged.
  • Make sure you grab the chat and reach out to connect. Follow up no more than 48 hours after.
  • Join groups in your niche and choose ones that you can be committed to and build relationships. Make it a daily routine and get involved with the group.

Terilee’s GIFT FOR YOU!
FREE E BOOK – How to Make Online Networking Work for You

Her recorded talk is in the Facebook Group and her slides are in the comments.

She also invited us to attend FREE to her Rise Up Summit Aug 6-8 for 3 hours each morning on zoom. You can learn more and register at