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Nothing like a fantastic buffet to fill us up… and boy are we stuffed to overflowing with top tips and tools shared by our very own incredible community. There is so much to recap so let’s get right to it…

“Business is either a daring Grand Adventure or nothing at all.” – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

In order to find success we need to know first what it is that we actually want, have a plan for how we are going to get there and get clear on what it is we have to do in order to achieve our dreams. Carolyn spoke to us about having a vision and knowing where we want to be 3 years from now.

Are you clear on your business plan and where it is you are headed?

“People will pay more to see a specialist.” – Diana Lidstone

If we are using the same language, and the same wording as everyone else in our industry then chances are we are not getting the attention or business of the clients we need. To help us avoid this Diana shared with us her 3 P’s for how to effectively differentiate our business, so that we get noticed and become the highly paid authority…

1) Pricing – raise your prices
2) People – focus on your unique area of expertise
3) Positioning = place yourself as the authority in the mind of your prospects

Become a specialist and not a generalist. People will pay more to see a specialist.

“Your perceived position predicts your profits.” – Steve Brossman

Try saying that 5x fast!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people would ask to buy from us instead of us having to sell to them? On Friday Steve shared with us his simple step for elevating our clients buying energy. We do this by changing our title from “A [insert your title here] …” to “The {insert your title here]”. By making this simple change and working to create relationships with others we go from being just another brown box on the shelf to standing out as the creator of our program or product that people cannot live without.

“The promise of an experience makes your brand memorable.” – Val Low

Val shared with us the 3 things that a great brand stands for …

1) Who are you?
2) What do you stand for?
3) What is your expertise?

Once you are clear on those 3 you will have a brand that is not only unique but “wow’s” your clientele and will help you to stand out as the expert in your field.

“Let’s get visible, visible!!” – Bonnie Chomica

Content marketing makes us visible but even more importantly it builds our credibility and shows our authority on a particular topic. We can build this know, like and trust factor through utilizing Bonnie’s 3 E’s …

1) Educate
2) Entertain
3) Enlighten

Every day people are searching online to get the answers and solutions they need. By positioning ourselves as the experts through our content marketing we increase our chances of being seen and heard. Find out what your ideal clients pain points are and then create consistent content in order to be found.

“Your website is the hub for everything.” – Susan Jarema

What is the one place that is super important when it comes to your business? Your WEBSITE!! That’s right it is the place where people will go to find you, check out your credibility and have the ability to sell for you, even when you are sleeping.

Susan talked to us about sharing our content on our website first and then sharing it out to social media from there. By doing this we show Google that our site is popular and it will allow us to show up in and receive the search results we are looking for.

“Today we can be in more than one place at the same time.”-  Kimberley Day

Are you looking for new techniques and tools that will have clients running to you? Get visible and stand out from the crowd with Kim’s tips for up levelling our brands, keeping us on brand and helping us to shine while online…

1) Streamyard – allows us to be in 8 places all at the same time in live video.
2) Canva – allows us to up level our branding through templates in matter of minutes

Do you use either of these powerful tools?  Everyone shared more tools in the chat.

“Are you Googlicious?” – Aldwyn Altuney

As Aldwyn suggests there is nothing quite like a press release to build your influence and authority. Now in order to have real success at this there are few key ingredients you want to include…

Passion – What is it you are passionate about?
Purpose – What is it that you love to do?
Package – How do you package the above up?
Profile – Is it clear what you do?
People – Building relationships with others

We have the power to change the world with our message and we can leverage this through the power of the media to reach thousands of people everywhere

“How you do anything is how you do everything!” – Janice Porter

Many of us are new to using LinkedIn and Janice joined us to share her top ingredients for creating an amazing profile so that we can stand out from the crowd.

Background Image – Change the default blue background
Professional Headshot – No selfies please
Compelling Headline – 220 characters to share who you are and how you can help others

Remember all of this information takes place above the fold so people do not have to even scroll to read it. This makes it all the more important that it speaks loud to those scanning the LinkedIn profiles and stands out from the rest on the platform.

“Take the leap of faith out of your comfort zone!” – Farrah Hussain

Farrah Hussain joins us all the way from Scotland to talk about standing out as ourselves online, no matter the platform. Yes, we need to be visible but even more importantly than that we need to be ourselves and show up as that where our ideal clients are hanging out.

When we have clarity on who we are including our mindset, confidence and self-worth our branding and message becomes simple.

“Your uniqueness is your genius!” Michelle Abraham

People love audio because it is easy to consume and they can listen in while they work on other things or travel to their next destination. Podcast expert Michelle shared how we as business owners can use this to our advantage by starting a podcast that is on brand where we can share our expertise each week with people all over the world.

In a world where time and attention are our most valuable assets, there is no other platform outside of podcasting that really compares to how long we are able to connect with our audience in each episode.

“Make a deposit before you make a withdrawal.” – Robert Butwin

Many of us when networking tend to not think beyond the person that is standing in front of us. When the reality is like us that person also most likely has connections or influence with hundreds of other people. In joining up with them we open the door to all of their connections and the opportunity to share ours.

Like a bank, networking only works if we make a deposit first. This means reaching out, putting ourselves out there and connecting with others both on and offline. One place to do this is “Clubhouse”. Robert describes “Clubhouse” as a podcast on steroids. It is an audio platform where we can host or join a room to either teach, listen and or learn on a wide range of topics. There is no camera feature so you don’t have to worry about looking perfect. Just get on there and join in on the conversation.

WOW! That was impressive! Thank you to all of our guests for taking the time to not only show up but share your wealth of knowledge with us all. We are all that much better because of it.

It is in connecting and sharing that we all grow and find success.

All the presenters contributed to a fabulous cookbook of success recipes. This is full of years of wisdom in easy to digest nuggets.

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Until next time, connect, create & collaborate!!