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These events just keep getting better and better! The connections being made are so fantastic there never seems to be enough time!

Before we get into our recap we wanted to send out a “Hope you Feel Better Soon!” wish to Jill Lublin who was unfortunately unable to join us Friday due to not feeling well. We look forward to hearing her speak at one of our upcoming events.

“Who’s Down With O.P.P?” – Kimberely Day

Thankfully, Kimberley Day of “Write and Grow Rich” was happy to fill in for her at the last minute. [Thanks Kim!!]

Kim talked to us about the importance of looking for all the places we can insert ourselves for more visibility…especially through the writing of our very own published book. She shared with us her “4 Steps” for how to go about sharing our gift with as many people as we can…

Market – Are you clear on your message? Can you explain it in 30 seconds or less?

  1. Problem – What problem is it that you are trying to solve for others?
  2. Result – Who are you trying to attract? Who is it that you want to help?
  3. Solution – What is it that you can create as the vehicle for your message and sales?

“Learn More to Earn More” – Steve Gaston

Have you ever sat down and really asked yourself; “how much do I want to make in the coming year?” Steve joined us today to talk about setting goals for ourselves but not stopping there. We need to take it a step further and make that goal known to the people around us.

He shared 3 steps to getting clear on what it is that we hope to achieve, how much we are looking to make financially and what it is we need to do in order to make that happen…

Goal #1: What is the cheapest item you have for sale?
Goal #2: What is your next largest item that you could offer your potential clients?
Goal #3: What is your game-changing dream sale item?

Now that you know your offers and how much you want to make from each one, it is time to get out there and share it with all of our connections. In working together through referrals we can make both of our dreams come true.

“Your Business Will Only Grow as Much as You Are Willing to Grow!” – Vanessa Shaw

If you were to 10x your business tomorrow, what is the first thing that would stand in your way? Vanessa shared that the most common thing to stand in our way is “ourselves”. We often get in our own way by trying to do it all ourselves and staying stuck in our old stories. Stories around our beliefs about money, time, our ability and the old imposter syndrome.

If we want to grow we need to find ways to rewrite those stories. We do this by surrounding ourselves with like-minded power partners that have gone before us. People who have been where we are and are currently seeing success but a lot further down the road. This way we can connect, create and collaborate with them in order to learn from them and really begin to understand what it means to fail forward.

We all need a few power partners in our corner. The people who will pick us up when we fall, encourage us when we struggle and give us the inspiration we need to try again. Thankfully, in our group of Grand Connectors there are many opportunities to find just that.

Find yours at our upcoming summer events …

June 30th – LinkedIn Party
July 9th – Marketing Buffet
July 16th – Mega Visibility Speaker Match Up
July 24th – Marketing Mastermind
July 30th – When Great Is Not Enough: Understanding Your Cumulative Advantage

All the details are listed out on our events page on the website at:

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, to all of our prize winners this week –

Karen Angelucci – Masterclass Prize from Steve Gaston
Permelia Parham – Fitness on The Go Prize Pack
Aaron Holmes – Jumpstart Your Biz Prize “Price For Profit” course from Katrina Sawa

SELFIE CONTEST – #grandconnection
Tamiah Johnston is the selfie winner of a Month of Meaningful Masterminds with Carolyn and Mike.

Please reach out to the people and companies to claim your prize!

Until next time, connect, create & collaborate!!