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Friday June 4th was insightful, inspirational and ignited us all for the possibilities of what could be if we are clear on our purpose, willing to get uncomfortable, learn from our past and take care of ourselves in the here and now, especially at the start of every day.

It was truly an EXTRAVAGANZA !! Don’t believe me? Read on for the recap and see for yourself …

“When you’re clear on your purpose, that becomes your north star.”
– Joel Zimelstern

Joel joined us on Friday to talk about us getting clear on exactly who we are and who we have to become in order to make space for what it is we are trying to build in both our business and personal lives.

We must start at the beginning with our identity and everything else will fall into place.

“Knowledge shared is success magnified.” – Cathy Kuzel

Many of us are comfortable where we are at, even if it means we are not breaking through that glass ceiling. As Cathy Kuzel said, we get cozy in our “velvet rut” and never go looking for change. However, if success is what we seek then we need to be willing to grow.

This only happens when we:

#1. Remain Calm even in the midst of change.

#2. Review where we are at and see where it is we want to go.

#3. Declutter both our mental state and business space to make room for what is coming.

#4. Have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and adopt new ways of doing things.

“Keep it simple. There is no need to always at the top of the mountain”
– Sumair Abro

Are you looking for purpose in your passion? Then uncomfortable is where it is at. Until we are willing to get uncomfortable, do the things that scare us, reach out and connect with people we don’t know we will never reach a new level of growth.

Sumair talked about keeping it simple. Sharing that we don’t always have to be at the top of the mountain. Success can also be found in the journey of growth both personally and professionally.

“Build business without bankrupting your soul.”
– Cheryl Brewster

Embracing the unknown and understanding where our blindspots are is how we find true growth. When was the last time you were happy, felt elated and experienced true joy? Cheryl Brewster walked us through a visualization that helped us to find our peace, dial in, listen intently to ourselves and visualize those exact moments. So much so we could literally taste, touch and feel them which then allows us to bring that elation into our business today.

If we make peace the only goal, then letting go and moving forward is our only option.

“Incremental changes bring BIG results.” – Terra Bohlmann

Are you someone who gets out of bed and heads straight into the day without even a pause? Terra Bohlmann brought it all home on Friday in her talk about setting a morning routine. A routine that starts our day out in a peaceful state. In taking time for ourselves we set the tone for the day, ultimately leading us into the success we are all seeking in business.

Terra shared her 10 minute morning routine steps that she walks through every day to get us started – feel free to use this or create one of your own…

1. Minute 1: Keep a full glass of water by the bed to drink it as soon as you wake up.

  1. Minute 2-3: Take 6-10 deep breaths for each minute
  2. Minute 3-6: Stretch your body
  3. Minute 6-9: Take a moment to focus on what you are grateful for
  4. Minute 10: Visualize your success that you will have throughout the day

We will catch up with you again next Friday to see how everyone is doing with their morning routine. Check back in with us in the Facebook Group and join in on the conversation to give us an update on how it’s going.


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Thank you also to our fantastic facilitators – we couldn’t do it without your support!

Janice Porter, Gregory Brown, Cheryl Brewster, Kimberley Day, Mariah-Jane Thies, Karen Angelucci, Jackie Maclean, Cathy Kuzel, Jocelyne Devisser, Val Low, Sussan Toub, Melissa Deally, Michelle Tremblay, Mike Manning, Elizabeth Stefani, Sheynal Saujani, Regina Kaiser, Adele Anderson, Diana Lidstone, Eryn Price, Rui Pereira, and Blair Kaplan

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