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WOW! What an event…

This past Thursday March 17th over 120 Grand Givers met with us to connect, create and collaborate and learn some new skills for moving forward in business.

We were joined by the best in the business September Dohrmann, Richard Kaye and David T. Fagan to hear them share their top tips, insight and knowledge on what it takes to grow authentically and connect deeper with both current and potential clients.

Dr. Richard Kaye | CEO Space International | SERVE – SERVE – SERVE

Have you been trying to do it all? Tired of wearing so many different hats and not seeing the business growth you envisioned?

What if instead of seeing others as competition we chose to collaborate with them?

It is through acts of service to others even if it is who we normally consider our competitor that it eventually comes back ten-fold.

The choice is simple; we can look around and see how well people are doing and think; why not me?

Or we can contribute to their success in a collaboration of sorts and allow the connections made to propel us forward in our own success.

As we create more we are given the opportunity to serve more…What are you waiting for?

It’s time to get out there and SERVE! SERVE! SERVE!


September Dohrmann | CEO of CEO Space International | GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY

We can’t grow if we don’t have the right systems in place and get out of our own way.

This starts with understanding what matters to us and then aligning ourselves with the things that bring us joy – the areas that we are most passionate about.

Making time to have a relationship with ourselves and answering these questions; are we living in a mindset of lack, hesitation or frustration?

If so, what tools can we use to bring in the ease, flow and alignment?

Through these answers is where we will see personal growth which in turn leads to business expansion and not wasting a lot of unnecessary energy trying to make it to the top.

Look within and take guided action in order to see real profitability.


David T. Fagan | Top Talent | CONVERSATION

For many of us we hit a brick wall when it comes to sharing with others what it is that we do for work.

…what if someone asks us a question we can’t answer?

No one wants to look foolish and sometimes this very fear holds us back from even speaking in the first place. With a little bit of practice and intentional purpose it is possible to change this feeling from one of fear to one of confidence and excitement to share our knowledge – to serve others with what we know.

What are the questions that people ask when it comes to your business? Where is it that people are struggling?

If we want to gain more confidence in how we share then we need to first become familiar with ourselves and the questions people may ask about us and our work.


Take the answers we came up with into a roleplay setting so that answering the questions becomes second nature.

Who are we?
What is it we stand for?
What exactly do we do?
How can our knowledge and service benefit those looking for help?

Having answers to the above that create value, authority and come with proven solutions is where we will start to see growth and profitability.

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