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Grand Potential Podcast


Friday’s event was jam packed full of information. Connections were made and new opportunities for collaborations were born.

This month we have been learning new ways to automate our business so we can scale, grow and maximize our results. Thanks to our Joint Venture Partners, our tool box is now overflowing with options that will help get and keep us on track to our success.


Jackie Lapin of “SpeakerTunity” started us off with her; 

3 Keys to Getting Booked:

1) Network: Get out there and make connections
2) Showcase Yourself: Create a “Speaker or Podcast One” Sheet that showcases you.
3) Get on Stage: How are you going to get on stage? Where would you like to speak?

Need some help in making those network connections each month? If so, use Jackie’s – GRANDCONNECTION20 – code for 20% off of her monthly membership fee to either her  “Radio Insider or Radio Insider for Business” subscription services. Where you will be connected with people who can help further your reach.


“There is no solo, success takes more than one” ~ Colleen Biggs

Colleen Biggs of “Lead Up For Women” spoke on community and how we need to work together in order to find success. She shared with us two ways that we can expand our circle of influence:

1) Getting booked for podcast interviews 
2) Writing and submitting guest posts in both online magazines and blogs

Want to know more? Sign up FREE for her next, “Lunch ‘N’ Learn” where you will be educated, motivated and inspired by Colleen herself… Don’t miss your chance to expand your circle today –


Do you have an abundance mentality? ~ Blaney Teal

Our third partner, Blaney Teal talked about the three things we need to keep on hand when making our business building connections:

  1. Digital Business Card – where one link leads to all of our offers.
  2. A CRM – to keep track of the people we connect with.
  3. Digital Business Binder – that contains our bio, headshot, contact info and more.

Sound overwhelming? No worries, Blaney’s got you covered with her FREE “Exclusive Resource Guide” – this is a live document that is updated regularly and can be accessed here: [TIP: Don’t try to use everything all at once. Give 1 or 2 at most a try and see what works.]

A big thanks to our guests last Friday. We can go from striving to thriving!

Join us at our next events to continue the journey to connect, create and collaborate!

Hope we see you there!