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“Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.” – James Clear 

This month’s networking theme is all about creating automated business systems in order to scale, grow and maximize our results. Thanks to our speakers; Michela Quilici and Terra Bohlmann, we learned more than a few helpful steps that will get us started on our journey to success…

“Business by design means we get exactly what it is we want.” – Michela Quilici

On Friday, Michela shared her “3 Step Business Roadmap and Growth System” that taught us the importance of knowing where it is we are going with our business and exactly how we plan to get ourselves there …

#1. Strategy – Where are you headed and what can you accomplish along the way?
#2. Structure – What tactics will you use to achieve your goals?
#3. People – What support and resources will be required to succeed?

#1. Attract – What steps can you take to get exposure for your brand?
#2. Engage – What is your marketing strategy to bring in the leads?
#3. Convert – What is the sales process that will move your leads into paying clients?

Now YOU know the plan, time to do the same for your clients…

“What can you do to WOW, your customers?” – Terra Bohlmann

With Terra, we learned the importance of creating a customer experience system and how it can help us move forward in our business with less overwhelm…

#1. Buying Decisions – Reduce your refunds with no-buyer’s regret.
#2. Save Time – With automation and outsourcing of repeatable action items.
#3. Referral Program – Make it so, happy buyers want to create referral business for you.
#4. Be The Expert – Quickly bring massive value to your clients with your expertise.
#5. Feedback – See where improvement is needed by allowing clients to share their input.

With a “Do Less, Make More” mindset we can create the customer experience that WOW’s without driving ourselves into the ground with repeatable steps that can be either outsourced or automated. No more do we have to run ourselves ragged trying to do it all, all the time.

Systematize, automate & outsource the repeatable processes as often as possible so you can stop being a business and instead start running one.

The recordings for these two powerful talks are in the facebook group.


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