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“When you look to help others, everyone benefits.” – David Wagstaff

Who is it you can reach out to this week and offer your insight, help or inspiration to? People by nature are always looking for ways to connect with others.

On Friday David Wagstaff of “eprenz” spoke to us about going out of our way to reach out and connect with other business owners without expecting anything in return. If we are willing to go above and beyond for no reason other than kindness  the return back to us will eventually happen naturally. People want to make that connection in reverse when they feel they have been seen and heard. What is it that you can bring to the table that ignites the flame of connection?

“Innovation and creativity ignite the spark of success.” – Nancy Gaskins

Nancy Gaskins from “Meet My Referral Partner” joined us with her infectious energy and shared five tips for igniting creativity in our businesses and even personal lives:

  1. Surround yourself with a diverse group of people
  2. Leave yourself open to try new things, even if they are scary
  3. Keep a journal everywhere you go – you never know when inspiration will strike
  4. State your problems to yourself as a challenge – Act as if there are no limits
  5. Sleep on it – things may look different in the morning

“It is through adversity and resilience that we grow.” – Dr Scott Dell

How strong is your AQ or “Adversity Quotient”? Are you able to overcome the failures that arise in business and in life with ease? At Friday’s event Dr Scott Dell of “” spoke to us about coming together in collaboration where we will find not only a diverse set of ideas and inspiration but we are more readily prepared to rise up again even when we fall.

The truth is failure is going to happen both in business and personal life. The question is; have we surrounded ourselves with enough connection and support that getting back up and trying again is the only option?

This last event ties perfectly into our upcoming month of June’s theme “Resilience”. Join us for our speaker event on June 4th and learn how to “Revitalize Your Work & Life” With Stephanie Staples. Learn simple, purposeful, deliberate actions you can easily implement to help you revitalize yourself so that you can bring your best both personally and professionally.

Hope to see you there!