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Special thanks to Ed Katz and Jill Lublin for sharing their wisdom on publicity and inspiring us all to consider the benefits of this low cost marketing strategy that is accessible to us all.

Ed Katz, Managing Principal of Katnip Marketing shared 4 ways PR can help do your business:

1. Develop a Company’s Brand Identity (website)

2. Shared Media (social media)

3. Earned Media ( news media coverage; third party credibility endorsement

4. Paid Media (promotional; advertorial)


Public Relations Tactics to Help Your Business

  1. Position Your Company:
  2. Top of Mind Awareness
  3. Reputable and Growing; A Local Industry Leader
  4. A Good Community Citizen

PR can help your business by positioning your company to get you top of mind awareness, people will call on a company that they remember at the top of their mind.

  1. Create/Enhance the Impression Your Company Has
  2. Industry Expertise
  3. Professionalism
  4. Growth in Your Field
  5. Stability and Reliability

You want to be a “SME” – a subject matter expert!

Position yourself as the “go to” person in your industry that the media will want to talk to.

7 Events to Issue a Press Release

  1. Announcing a New Hire
  2. Announcing a Signing a Big New Client or Contract
  3. Announcing a Company Event
  4. Announcing a Key Employee Promotion
  5. Announcing a Company Award
  6. Achieving a Milestone (e.g. – 10th Anniversary ; Reaching a Sales Goal; Adding a New Location)
  7. Making Charitable Gifts or Performing a Pro Bono Work

Writing and Sending a Press Release

  1. Plan Timing –  Work Backwards From When Needed
  2. Include Key facts – Who/What/When/Where/Why/How
  3. Do you have a List of Media Contacts?
  4. Where Should the Release Go To – National? Region?
  5. Consider Using a Wire Service 
  6. Have All Materials Ready (So you are ready when asked)
  • Media Kit, Bio
  • Photos & ‘B’ Roll Video

Be succinct, keep your release as brief as possible.

How PR Can Help Your Business – Beyond The Basics

  • Crisis Communications Plan (this will often prevent a crisis)
  • Introducing a New Product or Service
  • Position Your Business Better versus a competitor
  • Position Your Company Leaders as Industry Subject Matter Experts
  • Enhance Your Company’s Reputation
  • Facilitate the Acquisition of a Merger 
  • Improve Your Investor and Stakeholder Relations

We were also thrilled to have Jill Lublin, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of Guerilla Publicity share her expertise.

Publicity = Influence = Impact

Message has ME + SAGE

It’s all about your message.

Keep it simple. Use easy to understand language when you speak to the media and in networking. 

You have to use everything you got!

Hot Topics to Talk About Right Now!

  • Health & Mental Health
  • Mindset
  • Transformation
  • Weight Loss
  • Goals
  • Activism – i.e. Black Lives Matter
  • Alternative Healers
  • Real Estate
  • Consultants
  • Money
  • The Great Resignation

Expand your mind about what’s possible today by using everything you’ve got – what’s unique about you in your story.

Visibility Building Activities

  • Networking in Your Community
  • Follow Reporters on Social Media
  • Sign up for Google Alerts
  • Podcasts thru iTunes
  • Blog Talk Radio

Your message matters!

We all ended the day inspired to try adding publicity into our marketing plan. 


Jill Lublin’s Publicity Action Guide

VIP gifts for members included a Complimentary Consultation with Jill Lublin and a Free 30-minute marketing consultation with Ed Katz. Instructions for VIP guests are in the Hub.

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