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Our emotions matter and how we manage them affects our communication style, concentration and decision making both in our personal and professional lives. Carolyn Stern, teacher at Capilano College, creator of “The EI Experience” and this month’s speaker, taught us what it means to connect, communicate and thrive effectively through our emotional intelligence.

We learned the importance of paying attention to how we are personally feeling and using that to connect authentically with the world around us. Oftentimes we avoid taking our feelings into consideration out of fear of what others may think but if we want to find success in both our personal and professional lives we need to face them, share them and use our vulnerability to read others and connect on a deeper level with them.

People follow others who are relatable, honest and truly themselves. Through the use of emotional intelligence we find the ability to see ourselves and others in a different light; one that gives us insight into how we can best connect the two.

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It’s never too early or too late to start working on our emotional intelligence and to help us do that Carolyn has offered the following gift; “Get Empowered and Unstuck with the Emotional Intelligence” mini class:
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Want More EQ?

Check out our interview with Carolyn Stern for the Grand Potential Podcast if you want to dive deeper into the topic and find out more about the 15 EQ Assessment Questions.

Join us next time at our upcoming event on May 21st where we will connect, create, and collaborate with our three business networking partners; David Wagstaff of Eprenz Business Network, Nancy Gaskins of Meet My Referral Partners and Dr. Scott Dell from Influity Influencer’s Community

See you there!