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A well-crafted strategic business vision gives you clarity, focus and the confidence to plan with purpose and go after your dreams.

On Friday our joint venture partners shared their experiences, tips and wisdom on how best to connect, create and collaborate with a revitalized vision that maximizes our grand potential.

“Develop Real Relationships & Things Will Flourish”
– Tonya Hofmann


Tonya of BEEKONNECTED  started us off with connections and how we can create more momentum with ours. The key here is to stop thinking “what can this do for me?” and instead approach our connections with a servant’s heart, giving way more without expectation of anything in return. 

This is how we think long term and move beyond today. Although things may not pan out right away, in fact it may be months, or even years before we see a return. However our willingness to help someone else succeed is etching our place in their mind as someone they can work with or refer to should the opportunity ever arise.

Make people wonder, “if you are giving this away for free, what is included in your paid content?”

Be Energetic When You Meet People” – Eli Marcus

Eli aka “The Mayor of Time Square” shared with us his 2 tips for creating ….

1. Lead your business from the heart so that you can create the “KNOW LIKE TRUST” factor. In today’s world where everyone is online people will only want to connect, create and collaborate with those that check all 3 the boxes.

  1. Are you excited when you meet new people? Do you enter into a space with a big smile on your face, happy to be there and ready to draw people to you? This is easiest done if we love what we do …if there is no spark or passion behind our work, it may be time to find something new. How high is your energy?

“We All Go Further Together” – Mark Porteous

Mark of joined us with his tips for collaboration…

1) The key to our success both in business and in life is collaboration. When we choose to work together on projects both big and small we will always have a greater chance at success. In the business world it is impossible for us to be everywhere all at once but when we work together doors that were not an option before become something we can now walk right through.

2) Collaboration always beats competition and creates a win/win mindset for all involved. Who is it in your niche that could possibly work on a project with you that goes out to both of your audiences? Who is it that you can refer to if you are all booked up or don’t feel a particular client is your ideal fit.

Instead of only having our own ideas, inspiration, and ourselves as the end all be all, collaboration gives us access to new ways, options and opportunities that may have otherwise been out of our reach.

3) Collaboration can take many forms for massive mutual benefit – such as …

Social media postings

  • Podcast interview
  • Youtube video
  • Testimonials
  • Trading services
  • Joint partnering on a freebie 

Make a list of who you can connect and collaborate with this week. Reach out and keep going until you find your ideal matches.

There was so much more packed into our 1.5 hours time together and if you happened to miss it, no worries, you can catch the replay inside the membership hub.



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