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We are so grateful for Mary’s talk that left us all thinking how to create new opportunities for 2023. Our world is still full of uncertainty and being resilient continues to be a necessity.

Mary started off asking us to hold onto our seats. She reviewed her last years global and micro predictions. Despite the omicron variant and Russia-Ukraine War, and a global recovery dragging more than we thought. Mary assures us that the Phoenix will rise again.


Some highlights include:

  • A consumer mind shift to focus on self, embrace life again and more spending on self improvement.
  • Poor customer service CX supply chain issues can lead to need for repaired customer service and better customer experiences
  • In 2023 consumer loyalty will be won or lost due to the customer experience.
  • Reconnection to in person authenticity and intentional spending could lead to opportunities for offering durability, timelines with more support for community and local groups.
  • New trends in discovery based content. Vertical content can provide opportunity for creatives to reach new people and bring humanity back.
  • The blow up of TikTok has lead to changes in discovery based information and algorithms all over.
  • Its becoming less about followers and more about creating content that resonates with an audience.
  • Niche communities are on the rise and opportunities exist to co-create with theses communities.

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Her latest article goes into more details on the trends. Even better, watch the recording! Subscribe to her 5 Minute Marketing Newsletter to stay up to date on theses trends during the year.