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Mary Charleson shared with us the 13 consumer behavior trends during the pandemic with her observations on how to best adjust our approach to digital marketing.

#1 Motivations have changed.

#2 Workplaces have shifted to home.

#3 Online shopping increases where we’ve seen years of growth happen in literally seven months during the pandemic.

#4 Increase in online media usage where we’ve gone from spending an average of three hours a day to over 10 hours a day when we take a look at our, our media for work as well as entertainment.

#5 Focus on self improvement; Ernst and Young survey respondents said that they would reappraise the things that they value and not take them for granted.

#6 DIY culture is on the rise; victory garden or baking bread. Demand for breadmakers is increased by 400%.

#7 Hyper localized focus with a social trend around favoring country and regional kind of solutions and an increased in nationalistic behaviors.

#8 Interactions have gone virtual with FaceTime messenger, MS teams and zoom. It’s really enabled this whole kind of social and work interactions to continue.

# 9 People are looking to economize with a shift to be more frugal spending some of this as a result of job loss others it’s psychological. Other people are spending less, so they actually have higher savings.

#10 Our behaviors are becoming habits and habits amplified over time are becoming trends. This is a big deal because the longer this goes on the more entrenched, we become.

#11 Human connection and storytelling are on the rise. Being real and human is what resonates with customers right now. We know that we are up by 40% for Instagram users 34% for stories on Facebook, this craving to know who you are as a real person. What’s the backstory of your company? Right now empathy is huge, connecting with what’s happening with your customers showing care in making decisions based on care and trust.

#12 Fear may remain long term. Martin Lindstrom wrote the original buyology book which is based on 2000 brain scans of subjects in six countries, and it is the neuroscience of why we buy. We need to understand the customer journey.

#13 Word of mouth is more important than ever.

66% of marketing is occurring without you. The 66% is happening on social media through word of mouth in customer driven content and through reviews.

480% of customers distrust all advertising. Our customers are gathering on their own islands there alone, but together and they’ve created their own communities and we have to be invited in. To do that we have to be helpful, show empathy and show respect. We need to earn the right to be invited onto their island to become part of the conversation.

People are connecting but they’re doing it in different ways than they did just seven months ago. There are consumer-based rating sites. We’re checking stuff out. We’re doing online reviews, even more than we were before. It’s a closed group and one on one. This is my big message if you remember nothing else from the presentation that I’ve hit with you this trend is not going to go away. It was underway already, but the pandemic has accelerated exponentially. We need to earn the right to be part of the conversation. And we do that through being word of mouth worthy and having empathy. They trust the word of mouth reviews recommendations from friends now more than ever.

We’ve been asked to do a detour; our traditional channels are being altered and we’re being forced to take a detour and earn the right to be part of the conversation on the island or the small town.

Instead of chasing social media impressions and shares, even though those are important, give them something worth talking about. Earn the right to be part of the conversation, wildly exceed expectations and have empathy. Make an emotional connection and then wrap your brand in that story.

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