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What a positive and gracious master class with GC member Deb Alcadinho of Business 4 Social Good, and Julie Ann of Influence Publishing.

We know you received many brilliant insights into finding a cause you are passionate about, crafting your grand giving story, and finding ways through collaboration to share it with the world. The recording will be up in the Hub soon to re-watch and review the story framework.


Some highlights include:

  • Creating a Grand Giving business is a new way to do business to create a remarkable impact with a soul filling cause.
  • Find a cause to support is WIN, WIN , win, win, win ,win, win.
  • Your cause that you are passionate about doesn’t have to be the same as your business.
  • Stories are important to connect us to our audience.Start by defining your why.
  • Your why and passion will connect you with more like-minded people than any “marketing” photo and “special” pricing.
  • Using a story framework and journaling answers to Deb’s questions can give you direction.
  • Create an aspirational statement that shares your passion, why you exist, the problem you solve, the difference you want to make and what you want to be best known for?
  • In the breakouts we shared so many great collaborative ideas and how you can creatively support charities.
  • You can amplify your story with creative collaboration and Julie Ann shared many ideas.

These grand comments from our Members, sum it all up so nicely.

  • Creative juices going wild!!! Awesome – Barb Ashcroft Compassion in Action ideas.
  • Great collaborative ideas and how you can creatively support charities. Each of our network expos supported a non-profit, and you’re so right! This is how it was so much more attractive to the media (radio, tv, newspaper) to share our event, as it gave back to the non-profit and blessed our community. Love it! – Sandy Goe, Connections Catalyst
  • Your why and passion will connect with more like-minded and therefore product and service users than any “marketing” photo and “special” pricing.  ~ Y” for Yvonne 
  • Win-Win-Win: Do good, add value, get attention, grow your impact by partnering and supporting a cause that matters ~ GC Judy M. Baker, Book Marketing Mentor:
  • Such a lovely bent where we got more into our passions and causes and it made for some new ways to collaborate. So many heart centered folks here sharing! It’s all about knowing your passion and LIVING it in all that we do in our worlds.  ~ GC Patrice Porter
  • KNOW AND LIVE YOUR PASSION!!! Then ALL you do will revolve around that and be seen and experienced! ~ GC Deborah Myers Wellness

GRAND Gifts from our Speakers:

Deb Alcadinho:

  • Free Social Good Mastermind Monday Nov 28th from 3-4:30 pm PT.
  • Free Find the Cause Your Business Can Champion, infographic with stats and other freebies to guide your impact
  • Wondering what it means to be a social impact or social good business? Maybe you’re wondering how to connect a cause to your business, or why it’s important. Curious about what it means to be a social entrepreneur? Bring all your questions to the mastermind and get them answered by Deb Alcadinho, Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Business 4 Social Good.
    • Get $100 off either course below:
      • Social Purpose Playbook for solopreneurs creates your business’ reason for existing. In this group 10 week immersive, live online training course, develop the ethos for your business. Learn to define your why, values, vision and purpose; then align a cause, develop a contribution plan, how to partner with a non-profit, and amplify impact.
      • Social Good Academy for established business owners is a live, group virtual online 16 week immersive training program. You’ll unlock the social good your business can create and embed it into your company’s DNA, to become a purpose-led business creating real change on issues important to you. Next course starts March 2, 2023

Julie Ann:

  • NEW YEAR…NEW YOU (free webinar) November 29, 2022 Time: 12:00 PT
  • Learn the importance of setting intentions for your life, how to manifest what you really want, and discover who you are – your true identity. During this hour we touch on the importance of writing/journaling to reflect on your life and discover your true soul calling.
  • Join our New Year New You Retreat in Puerto Vallarta Dec 29th to Jan 8th. Create your goals for 2023 at Casa de Influencia.

The recording of this workshop is in the Membership Hub.

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