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WOW!! Friday was an intense event filled to overflowing with post-pandemic trends and insights from marketing expert, Mary Charleson of “5-Minute Marketing”. If you are looking for a place to start when it comes to tackling the next stage of real world marketing you won’t want to miss Mary’s “Top 5 Consumer Trends” … and how it will impact YOU and your business…


World Wide Social Media Regulations

Unfortunately, they are coming our way – this means, less organic reach, less detailed information on our potential clients and instead requires us to connect more on the direct level through email, website interactions and podcasting.

Metasphere – “Beam Me Up Scotty!”

Who’s ready for some augmented reality? The metaspher will be a place where people can connect with others in a virtual space. This opens a whole new set of opportunities for connections, creations and even collaborations through immersive experiences built right into your company. Giving us the potential to grow, boost sales and create deeper connections face to face without ever leaving your house.


TREND #1: The Great Resignation – Due to a radical shift in how we do business in 2021; 11.5 million people quit their current jobs. If they haven’t already the stats show that 4 out of 10 will be changing jobs within the next 3-6 months.

IMPACT: If we want to succeed in this ever changing climate we need to adjust our messaging to speak more into the mindset of – building a life of FREEDOM/WORK-LIFE BALANCE and DOING IT ON MY OWN TERMS.

TREND #2: Fear Remaining Long Term – Unfortunately, this constant barrage of fear has rewired people, affecting the way they think and do business…and it is showing no signs of letting go even if the pandemic eases up.

IMPACT: This changes the way we have to approach the world with business. We can do this in our messaging. We need to ask ourselves, how are people feeling when it comes to A & B…how can I make them more comfortable and secure in their decision to work with me or use my product safely?

TREND #3: We Are Segmented+Divided In All New Ways – currently the world is overflowing with divide from vaccines, to mandates, to risk assessment every time we step outside our doors. People are on high alert and sitting on polar opposites on so many topics.

IMPACT: Division in the world at large means we have to make listening our top priority. What is it that the people want? How can we make them feel safer both inside and outside their home. We can build this connection through…

Online Polls
Asking Direct Questions [on our social channels]

Mary’s Favourite Option – offer up a select amount of times for people to book an interview call with us…where we can ask about their – problems * concerns * values * beliefs and needs. During this time we need to make the effort to really get to know our clients; both potential and current. Making this effort in getting to know them is how we best learn to address their struggles and understand what is needed to serve them.

TREND #4: Global Recovery Happening at a Different Pace – depending on where you are in the world right now, you may be at a different level of reopening society than another.

IMPACT: This affects not only the people and their ability to move around but also our ability to obtain supplies, host events and send out products. It is here that we have to do a little planning ahead, buy in bulk if we deal in tangible product services and look at offering online options instead of face to face events. [Hello augmented reality!]

TREND #5: Audacity on Steroids – with the pandemic came a whole new level of small business creativity and as a result sales are up 20% in 2021.

IMPACT: This is where we really get to shine. People are seeking freedom. They are making decisions quickly and taking bigger risks with their money. It should be the same for us in business …

Success will find the ones who are not afraid to step into the new world, are willing to embrace innovation, adjust their language to suit the needs of today and keep their focus on the future.


Marketing with Media Course (Reg $349) 

Mary offered a very rare Black Friday Deal of $200 off her course for those attending the Grand Connection event. Members you can get your coupon here for $200 off this well recommended course.


Dec 7 | Member Mingle 

Dec 8 | LinkedIn Posting Party Grand Connection & EPIC!

Dec 10 | Grand Connection Mega Networking Grand Giving Celebration

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