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We were thrilled by the opportunity to be a part of this collaborative virtual business networking event with these three great networking organizations: 

Paulette Durepos at CafeLifestyle Socials from Toronto Canada

Blaney Teal from MBX events from Baltimore Maryland – USA

Pinky Ghadiali at – Scotland

We all built better virtual networking skills and formed new business relationships as we listened and learned from our presenters and moved around from room to room. 

Many opportunities were provided to meet new potential collaborators and customers and practice our introductions with the intention to connect, create and collaborate. 

Our first two rounds of networking were focused on connecting.

The first presenter was Blaney Teal. Blaney is the Founder of Making Business Connections (MBX), a premier state-wide networking organization that just expanded nationally. She is known as The Passionpreneur Coach and the Founder of the Next for Success Accelerator Academy. She has a passion for helping business owners implement strategies and systems to shorten the learning curve and save them both time and money. 

Blaney’s provided a helpful formula to introduce your business:

  1. Name & Business Name
  2. I Help ____(Who)
  3. With ____ (Problem)
  4. By ____(Solution)
  5. Through my ___ (what you do).

Our 2nd section of networking was focused on creating.

Our second presenter was Paulette Durepos. Paulette is the founder of CafeLifestyle Socials which is a community hub for women-owned businesses online and offline. They are described in their community as networking meets education with a focus is on marketing, social media, and all things digital.

Her motto is: “I do my best work in cafés”

Paulette invited us to share a question we could ask on social media platforms to create engagement. She told us it’s all about follow up through social media and its massive impact on creating business success.

Our 3rd section of networking was focused on Collaborating.

Pinky Pinky Ghadiali of from Scotland. She founded in 2015, a global online community supporting women who feel alone, isolated or stuck in business or careers to help you promote yourselves, increase visibility, build relationships and generate leads. Their platform is for personal development and skill sharing, interviews, videos, mastermind groups and online networking.  

Pinky suggested that what is most important is to find out how you can support the other businesses. When you connect let them know what you can help them with. Stop selling – forget the selling; build solid business relationships first. She encouraged the breakout groups to share how they can help each other.

The Grand Connection Virtual Networking Community has 2 free events each month. 

  1. Our Real Time Connections like this event for networking:
  2. Our popular Grand Connection event which is 2 rounds of networking, an expert speaker and mastermind breakout rooms to implement what you have learned from the speaker’s knowledge to grow your business.