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Are you tired of constantly being on the search for your next client?

Joint venture specialist Jay Fiset of JVology joined us on Friday for a powerful talk on the the science and art of profitable join ventures. Jay taught us the importance of building our upstream, in-stream and downstream connections to find greater ongoing success without spending endless hours creating it.

Think About:

What problem do you solve?

Before approaching any possible partners Jay had us get clear on who our ideal client is and what we do to help them – [ I solve the problem of ….. ]

Who is your ideal client?

  • Who were they before they came to us?
  • What are their interests?
  • What does their personal life look like?
  • How did they end up in our arena?

Once we get clear on the problem we solve and the person that has it, our perfect upstream, in-stream and downstream partners will easily stand out from the rest and we can approach them with our collaboration offer.

“For every 1 problem we solve, we create 4-7 more.” – Jay Fiset

No more are we only able to address one problem for each client. Thanks to the upstream, in-stream and downstream people on our team, multiple problems can be addressed and provide ongoing income to us each and every step of their journey.


Upstream – share leads with you and you send them payment as thankyou.
Instream – you share leads with each other (people that aren’t your perfect fit)
Downstream – you share leads with them and they send you payment as thankyou.

In working together we all succeed and can spend more of our time doing the things we love rather than in search of the clients we need.

Reduced price for GC members to JVology Deal Dec 3 and 4 $97 (Reg $997). We attended this event before and we highly recommend it if you are looking to get into the JV space.
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Listen to the podcast interview with Jay who shares the art of JVs.
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Speaking of events, get ready because we have a jam packed November on “Business Vision” coming up for you…

Nov 2 Member Mingle Masterminds + Hot Seats
Nov 10 LinkedIn Posting Party With Epic! Business Connections
Nov 12 Joint Venture Partner Event With Tonya Hofmann, Eli Marcus and Mark Porteous
Nov 20 Master Class | Transform Your Business Clarity With – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt and Rasa Disalvo
Nov 26 Planning for Post Pandemic With Mary Charleson

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Kim Day’s Marketing Mastery Collaborative” will be starting very soon! So if you are a marketer looking for a group where you will find inspiration, learn the latest techniques and a place to share your skills then this is the group for you. Apply here.

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