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The Mixer event yesterday was grand with two communities coming together to connect, create opportunities and collaborate!

Stephanie from the Empowered Business Networking shared with us her 3 voices that you can tap into to ground you in any communication and 2 simple exercises that create calm and clarity when you’re feeling nervous,


Some highlights from her talk:

2 simple exercises that create calm and clarity when you’re feeling nervous, these are:

  • Tap into your purpose voice by asking the following questions:
    *How do you want to feel today?
    *What’s the biggest outcome I desire?
    *How do you want other people to feel when they meet you?
  •  Master your physical voice:
    *The 90-second rule by Jill Bolte Taylor – “Emotions change every 90 seconds”. Just keep showing up in spite of fear!
    *2 Breathing exercises and tapping into your mental voice
    *Stage fright should not be eliminated. It’s about managing and transforming that energy, so that it works for you, not against you.
    *What makes 2 similar situations different is by how we perceive fear, and the difference between fear and excitement is simply our perspective.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt of the Grand Connection shared the following key points:

  • Have a community that can help you build your confidence, stretch out of your comfort zone, expand your enthusiasm with your passion and a clear purpose.
  • Fear, doubt, blame, resentment and being stuck in our business stops us from being successful which is Thinking below the Line.
  • Come from a place of love, grand giving and make the decision to Think above the Line with curiosity, courage, conviction and take inspired action.
  • Turn your negative self talk to positive self talk using Nathalie’s two step process of reframing.
  • How we SHOW UP in the world is how people are attracted to us like a magnet. Energy is everything!

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