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At our Grand Master Class, PEPP Up Your Business With Jo Hassan we were able to step away from the daily stresses of our business and drill down deep into the process of PEPP (purpose, energy, pleasure, profit) and how to extend PEPP into our business to flow with profit.

We had a lot of fun and added PEPP to the workshop with breakouts, spooky music and Halloween costumes.  The chat was a flurry of ideas to share with the group.



Highlights included:

  • Define and sharing of our purpose and how it can change over time
  • Jo recommended a great book to help in the process “Start With Why”
  • A discussion of how to take your purpose into your business
  • When collaborating try to find a away to make both purposes aligned
  • A deep dive into what profit means and how to measure it in more ways than money.
  • The flow of PEPP and how your energy impacts others
  • You can change the energy of any space; start with what you wear and look for things you CAN control.
  • What is your profit currency and how can you measure it
  • What changes do you have to make to have more PEPP in your business and life

It was an absolute grand workshop of ideas, positive energy and grand learning. The quote of the day from Guest Kathy Steinman sums up how we all felt about today’s learning: You cannot lead where you do not go, you cannot teach what you do not know.

Jo’s Grand Gifts! (For Members)

Free Vitality Review, Business Owner Guide & Full Circle Book

  • Guide: Why Vitality Matters for Small Business Owners
  • Free copy of her Amazon Best Selling Book “Full Circle”
  • 1:1 Vitality Review with Jo

PEPP Express Program Discount Exclusive to Members Only

  • 2 month program to shift from overwhelm to joy whilst business grows
  • Make vitality matter for you and your business

The recording will be up in the Membership Hub Video Library soon and all the Grand Gifts are under Member Benefits.