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Friday’s joint partner event was the place of inspiration, connection and collaboration.

“Collaboration Requires Connection” – Blaney Teal

Starting us off all was Blaney Teal of MBX. Blaney who shared her top 3 steps for making the connections necessary for building our success…

1) Look for people who have values that match yours – successful connections happen with those that see, live and want to give back in similar ways to your own.

2) Go into a connection with an abundance mindset – There is more than enough to go around and the truth is not every potential client is going to be a match. Connecting with people in the same niche creates more opportunities for referrals and the widening of both your networks.

3) Use LinkedIn to make new connections – This is the perfect place to research exactly who people are. It is a great option to find new speakers for your event and widen your network reach.

“Learn More to Earn More” – Steve Gaston

Steve Gaston of The Master Classes joined us once again from Scotland to share his “8 Referral Resource Categories Wheel”. This wheel of possibilities is where you get clear on connection options with other businesses for future collaborations and creations.

You can create your own wheel by …

1) Drawing a small circle and write the word “ME” in the middle.
2) Around that small circle make a bigger circle so now you have what looks like a wheel.
3) Divide the bigger circle into 8 sections.
4) Within each section write down the name of a business that you feel would be a fantastic collaboration partner.
5) Reach out to each of those businesses and see what you can arrange that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Repeat this process every so often, updating your wheel with new places to reach out to or for finding new ways to create even bigger and better with your previous ones.

“Come With a Sense of Wonder” – Chella Diaz

Chella Diaz of TEAM Referral Network built upon Steve’s concept of working with others and Blaney’s idea of an abundance mindset. She asked us to come up with 3-5 competitors that we know and love in our niche. The businesses that hold our same values and want to improve the world in the same way we do. Then she instructed us to ask the question; “how can we collaborate together?” What is it that we can create with someone else that will not only improve the lives of our clients but help to create the success that we are all seeking in business.

Remember they aren’t your competitor they are your equal and when a client is not a right fit for you or vice versa you then become the referral partner helping to bring success to each business working in tandem.

Now that you know the “how”, it is time to ask your “who”. Who is it that you can reach out to this week and figure out a collaboration with?

But before you head off to get busy don’t forget to grab your free gifts from each of our speakers.

Blaney Teal – Access to Blaney’s Exclusive Resource Guide – Tools and Automation for Business Owners

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Steve Gaston – Gold Tickets for everyone for this Wednesday’s Master Class Event! 

Now for our selfie contest winner – *drumroll please*

We have 2 winners today! Denise Belisle is the winner of 1 month mastermind with Carolyn. Stacy Braiuca is the winner of an annual Master Class Sessions from Steve Gaston.

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Speaking of events, we have so many more yet to come. Are you ready to join us? Remember you can always see what is coming up next by visiting our webpage – and clicking onto the events tab on the top.

Our upcoming events are …
LinkedIn Posting Party – Oct 13th
Master Class The Power of Collaboration – Oct 16th
The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures With Jay Fiset Grand – Oct 22nd


Kim Day’s Marketing Group for Marketers will be starting very soon! So if you are a marketer looking for a group where you will find inspiration, learn the latest techniques and a place to share your skills then this is the group for you. Starting date TBD.

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Until next time, connect, create & collaborate!!