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rtc blog 9 oct

We we thrilled to with these three great networking organizations:

  • The Connected Woman – Cathy Kuzel – Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Farah Networking – Farah Hussain – Scotland
  • BizSocial Networking – Brian Morrison – UK

We all built better virtual networking skills and formed new business relationships as we listened and learned from our presenters and moved around from room to room. We all had an opportunity to meet new potential collaborators and customers and practice our introductions with the intention to connect, create and collaborate.

Our first 2 rounds of networking were focused on connecting.

Our first presenter, Cathy Kuzel believes that knowledge shared is success magnified. A dynamic speaker, author and business expert with a deep knowledge of the art of human connections.

Cathy’s tip was on how we can improve our introductions. There are a lot of people that have a challenge with it. How do you introduce yourself? What to say? Also, the challenge of meeting the same people again and again and saying the same thing.

Her solution was to change it up with three words – Love/Hate/Create.

Whenever you go to any networking and especially online think of love, hate, create.

For example: Hi, I’m Cathy Kuzel of the Connected Women. I love working with entrepreneurs and helping them stand up, stand out and step forward in their business. What I really hate is seeing them having to try and navigate the myriad of challenges and things just to get their business off the ground and do what they love. So what I did was I created a supportive community called the connected woman Association.

Love/Hate/Create can be put into any situation and be customized for any audience.

Our 3rd round of networking was focused on creating. 

Farah Hussain is the founder of Farah Networking and a Tik Tok enthusiast with over a million views for her video on how to stay positive. She is widely recognized as the expert who makes networking simple and accessible to all. She brings a human centered approach to networking and adds a personal touch to business and focuses on building long-lasting relationships that help people to grow.

She told us networking is not just about networking. It’s about building opportunities, building connections that will turn into friendships. While networking you’re coming out of your comfort zone you’re building confidence and you’re putting yourself out there to meet new and wonderful people. You don’t know, even in the rooms today, who you’re going to speak to or who’s going to open up the doors for you. You just don’t know what’s going to happen behind those screens as well. You may be given a different perspective about your business or have a brainstorming mastermind team to create raving fans. It’s important to take networking very, very seriously. Over time, you will build solid relationships. Get to know each other and understand each other.

Be curious and find out why they do what they do, find out the root. We must create a solid foundation, even when we’re going to build a house of any business; we need a business plan. We need a structure for every single thing.

Networking is all about creating connections to connect them to the right people that will help you understand what the relationship is to you. It creates raving fans and power teams.

Network for a purpose and understand why you’re doing networking and it will be an investment for the rest of your life.

Our 4th round of networking was focused on collaborating. 

Brian Morrison of BizSocial from the UK brings businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits together. His networking online organization has weekly meetings bringing the UK, with the US and Canada. Also, he brings together Australia and New Zealand.

He shared its all about follow up and its massive impact on business success. To follow up through social media. Connect and collaborate within 24hrs. Make sure to write something down about the person that you plan to follow up with. When you connect let them know what you can help them with. When you follow up don’t sell, help them. Stop selling – forget the selling.

Create Facebook groups for your business and build relationships.

The Grand Connection Virtual Networking Community has 2 free events each month.

  1. Our Real Time Connections like this event for networking
  2.  Our popular Grand Connection event which is 2 rounds of networking, an expert speaker and mastermind breakout rooms to implement what you have learned from the speaker’s knowledge to grow your business.

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