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We were thrilled to collaborate with Terilee Harrison of TEAM Referral Virtual Network, Global and Chris Christoff of The Connect Collaborative from Brisbane Australia who both shared brilliant virtual networking tips. It was a powerful collaborative networking experience for businesses from around the globe including Scotland, the UK, India and North America. Businesses came together to virtually network in rounds of intentional break out sessions and practice their introductions.

Terilee Harrison shared how you can maximize our time with online networking. The concept of putting your “Big Ask” out there. She says we don’t ask big enough. It’s up to us to ask people we meet for what we need in a way they can hear it. Put it out there on a silver platter so they say to themselves “Oh I know how to help here”. Terilee invited us not to waste our time and to maximize our time to get the most out of these events we can.

Her recommendation is to make a list:

  • Create a description of your best clients and share that with the group.
  • Decide how you could ask for more than one client at a time.
  • Ask to meet your competition to collaborate.

Network with your power partners, the people who share your clients.

Always put out there:

  • This is who I am …
  • This is what I do …
  • A good power partner for me is _____.

When we play small we don’t get what we are looking for. Make your “BIG ASK” so audacious that we chuckle. By putting your big ask out there it will change the trajectory of your business. It will bring results you are looking for. Terilee promises you will be glad you did!

Chris’s networking tip was how to approach networking. He says it’s about the relationship more than the transaction. He recommends us to connect with people to build the know, like and trust factor. He shared that there is a fear component in networking and that online events are a safe environment to get to know people and develop those relationships. To take a referral to another level; both parties have a reputational capital that is sound. We can look at people inside your industry and the swimming lanes; either side of your industry. They can make great collaborators. To collaborate and refer across to each other is a great opportunity. Also, think about networking outside your industry. It’s not what you know or even who you know, it’s who they know. Make a connection through a connection. He explained that LinkedIn is a great tool to reach out and search to find the right contacts you are looking for.

For those who missed the last Grand Connection event, the Power of Podcasting, you can find it, along with other recordings and offers in the Facebook Group.