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Grand Potential Podcast


It was another grand event with over 100 business enthusiasts, VAs and freelancers. Our generous partners, Tawnya Sutherland, Michelle Thompson of Awesome Outsourcing and Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC shared their expertise and resources on outsourcing to help you find collaborative support to grow and scale your business.

Tawnya Sutherland of, one of the pioneers in the VA ecosystem with over two decades of experience in virtual assistance broke down the concept of virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant is a business owner that offers admin, technical and creative services to clients that need the services. Some of the advantages of being a virtual assistant is the ability to work remotely, choose what times you want to work, and choose who you want to work with.

Tawnya shared several free resources for VAs
10 FREE Resources to Start up Your Service-Based Business!

How to Become a Fully Booked 6-Figure Freelancer

And for businesses, she shared some resources on how to outsource tasks to professional VAs.

Michelle Thompson of Awesome Outsourcing provides strategies and systems that enable people and businesses to successfully engage VAs in tasks that they do not need to individually focus on, by focusing on the business side of the VA-business relationship. This comes from her own personal experience after having to learn to automate and outsource as much as possible in her life due to a stroke. Michelle spoke about the importance and benefits of communicating precisely on what you need from a VA to make sure that the relationship is successful pointing out that one of the main reasons that VA engagements do not work out is because of poor communication.

One great communication tip Michelle shared is to make brief video recordings of what needs to be done step by step and having this translated into a written document. Not only is this easier to understand for the VA, but it is also a way of documenting your business one step at a time and creating repeatable systems.

To help businesses to successfully engage with VAs, Michelle shared resources on how to identify what needs to be freed up from the business owner end and how to delegate these to a VA ensuring that the relationship is successful, and a delegation blueprint on where to get a VA and steps on how to make the VA engagement successful. Michelle offered members a free discovery call.

Jessica Koch of Jessica L. Koch Consulting shared stories from her experience by on what love, collaboration and virtual assistants have in common.

Jessica highlights that in all the three instances, one is always giving. One way of making sure that you deliver well on what needs to be delivered is to seek help. Jessica highlights that as a business owner, you can use VAs to lay the groundwork of what needs to be done, allowing yourself as a business owner to show up. Finally, there are many websites that one can use to find freelancing help, or to offer VA services that they are specialized in. GoLance was highly recommended.

Her final takeaway… Let your VA do the groundwork, so you can show up and shine.

It was a fabulously fun event, many stayed on at the end for an extra round of networking and generous prizes from our three presenters and Steve Gaston of the Master Classes. Many thanks to you all!