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Wasn’t today a totally amazing and mind-blowing event? Thanks to Leading LinkedIn Expert JD Gershbein, our brilliant speaker for our GC Speaker event today.

LinkedIn is an ever changing platform that we, professionals and companies, should be on. It is also now favoring community builders and content creators.

During his talk JD shared lots of nuggets related to the following topics:

  • How to build new insights to elevate their LinkedIn profiles,
  • How to strengthen critical relationships and open more conversations with decision-makers; and
  • How to capitalize on new growth opportunities.

The Key LinkedIn Value areas:

  1. The Profile
  2. The Home Page
  3. The Message Center
  4. Notifications
  5. Creator Tools

7 Steps to Elevate Your LinkedIn Style:

  1. Become Proactive 
  2. Play to Your Strengths
  3. Tend to Your Profile 
  4. Do not sell 
  5. Focus on Relationships 
  6. Engage Intentionally
  7. Improvise


The Algorithm is a Mystical force that moves information around!

He also highlighted how important improvising is on the quote he shared:

“To do business in the Digital Age, you must go off script. IMPROVISATION will create the future.” 

– JD Gershbein

We all ended the day inspired to confront ourselves in the mirror and truly see the value that we give to people, to be all in on LinkedIn and to always improvise!

The recording will be up soon on the hub. Access the Video Library here!

Grand Gifts:

  • JD Gershbein “THE LINKEDIN STYLE GUIDE” Newsletter.
  • VIP gifts for members included a Real-Time Evaluation of LinkedIn Profile (valued $500). Instructions for VIP guests are in the Hub.

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