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“The audience doesn’t care if you’re feeling confident or nervous.
They care about getting value from your presentation.” – Suzannah Baum

For many of us the very idea of getting up in front of a room full of people whether that be on a live stage or in a Zoom meeting can be extremely overwhelming. All of a sudden we go from knowledgeable to questioning everything we thought we knew. Asking ourselves questions like; who’s going to listen to us and why should they even bother?

The reality is our audience no matter who they are or where we are presenting to them don’t care if we have it all together inside. They are there to learn and gain valuable knowledge and insight from us as their teacher in that moment.

What matters more than having confidence is the value of what it is we are bringing to the table. Thanks to Suzannah and 5 essential tips we now have a clearer picture on how we can prepare ourselves before our next presentation …

👉 Reset Your Mindset – They care more about the value than your confidence
👉 Get Clear On Your Message – What value are you sharing with your audience?
👉 Understand Your Audience Communication Needs – How do they communicate best?
👉 Elevate Your Presentation with Structure – Do you have a plan for your presentation?
👉 What Do You Want Your Audience To Do Next? – Share Your Call To Action

You don’t have to be perfect. But you must be prepared, practiced, and professional.
– Suzannah Baum –

Which of these 5 steps you will be implementing in your upcoming presentations?

Are you ready to dig deeper into your next presentation preparations? Then check out these FREE GIFTS from Suzannah by visiting: to claim the following …

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This week’s winner from our Sept 10th event is – Phyllis Pieri | Franchise Coach – and she wins 1 month of Masterminds with Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt.


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Until next time, connect, create & collaborate!!