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We have a fabulous new contest over the summer to reward our community who are helping to grow and shape the Grand Connection.

Here’s how it works… Bring in 8 new members by the end of the 8th month (August) and you will win:

*A Speaker Spotlight at a large event

*A Grand Interview live stream

*8 months free membership (or $160)

*A private strategy session with Carolyn & Susan

*And lots of love!!!

Yes, 8 is great!

But the best part is you get the opportunity to help make our community grand and find like minded members that you want to collaborate with.

And there is something for everyone!

Your friends can join for $1 for the first month using the coupon Summer1.

And just to make it even more fun, all new members will be entered in draw to win a speaker spotlight, grand interview and a strategy session!

How Grand is that?

Summer is a great time to start building the foundation for your networking success. We are so grateful for our community of grand givers. Together lets form the community to grow together with.

Members, if you don’t have your referral reward link, please send an email to to get it set up.