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The giveaway is underway! Receive Over $8k in Gifts to Grow Your Business in the Spring Grand Giveaway, generously donated by members of the Grand Connection. There’s something for everyone!

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We welcome you to our biggest giveaway of the season. Members of the Grand Connection community have come together to share with you gifts that will help you succeed in your business and life.
Some of the gifts topics include:
Compassion, Storytelling, Getting Energised, Business Growth, Marketing, Empowerment, Speaking, Health, Intuitive Readings, Meditations, Stress Reduction, Productivity, Book Writing, Home Building, Relationships, Skin Care, Retirement Planning, Work-life Balance, Abundance, Business Systems, Lead Generation, Social Media, Networking Skills and more!

Your grand gifts come in various forms:
1:1 coaching, trainings, courses, audio recordings, books, worksheets, videos, e-reports, tip sheets, checklists, assessments, evaluations, consultations, toolkits, online programs, mini courses, pre-corded training, event tickets, formulas, systems, frameworks, makeovers and more!
How GRAND is that?! There is something for everyone.


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Want to contribute?

The Contribution page is now closed. Our next giveaway will be open in Nov.

New to Giveaways?

Our giveaway is an online free gift offer contributed by a group of members of our community. Giveaways are a great way to build you your lists and get visibility. Plus… it’s a lovely way to get some exposure and take part in our Grand Giving. This is collaborative visibility and list building in its finest! Everyone participating each contributes an enticing gift with a hot topic related to their service, that has a value to it. The Grand Connection sets up a landing page of all the experts. We all invite our tribes to sign up for thousands of dollars in free gifts. They register and can scroll through a giveaway page with all the gifts. On this page your gift banner and description with a link to your opt in will be there for you to get new leads.

Example gifts are online course, ebooks, business development coaching, guides, blueprints, checklists, business programs, toolkits, coaching, assessments, success formulas, mini-course, self discovery, trainings, 1:1 sessions etc.

Who this is for:

The Spring Grand Giveaway is for businesses who want to expand their reach, create more visibility, build their email list, find new clients and build grand connections. We are looking for thoughtful gifts of value (e.g. mini-course, membership, templates, on-demand webinars, ebook, something you have sold or could sell) that will support our business community, their family and their friends. Some members have offered coaching sessions of real value (not a sales call). Keep in mind the best gifts are ones that would provide genuine value to your target client and that demonstrates your authority and creates a trusted relationship. It is easier for you if its a gift that is one to many such as a digital product or group course online.

About the Grand Connection:

The Grand Connection is a supportive global community that provides education, inspiration and support you need through EDUnetworking to reach your Grand Potential. Connect, create and collaborate with like minded leaders who share the values of Grand Giving.

What is Grand Giving

Grand Giving is the underlying foundation of our three core values – connect, create and collaborate. It is through being in service in our community that we support each other and grow by sharing resources, skills, expertise, connections, referrals and opportunities. An important part of community is peer to peer learning and supporting each other. It is through “Grand Giving” that everyone gains the most and win, win, win opportunities are created.

There are 6 gift categories to choose from: 
Business Growth
Mindset & Self Growth
Health & Wellness
Spirituality & Energy Healing
Relationships & Family
Other Gifts

Unsure what to give? Here are some instructions