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Grand Potential Podcast


This is an exciting new collaborative program marketing program to highlight the grand podcasts and shows created by members in our community.

This program (valued at $595) is exclusive to Grand Connection Members. It is for members who have a podcast, are launching one very soon or have a regular show that is on youtube, vimeo, or other public video platform. Live shows can be included too if they are a “regular show” and have a place to signup and/or follow.

It will be launched in rounds. Get your application in early to participate the fullest.

Entry Form




This cooperative package, FREE for group members includes:

  • Podcast or Show Listing (bonus one if you already have 3)
  • Group Podcast Page With Introduction Videos
  • Participate in the subscribe/follow/JV list
  • Campaign with boosted posts, press release and social reach
  • You will receive a unique post shared for both your intro video and your listing.
  • Collaborative marketing through the group
  • Livestream Interviews


Please have your form completed as soon as possible to be in this first round of promotions.

You will need to provide a 1 minute video introduction for your podcast/show. You can provide an unlisted or public link from YouTube. This will be embedded on the landing page.

Please also upload your podcast in the listings to get extra exposure. Here’s how to add a listing. Our social media team creates posts for each listing to share on our pages and group.

Here is a sample template for your 1 minute video. Members there are some video examples in the hub video library at bottom under Sept podcaster group video. Here’s the direct link to recording.

1 Minute Video Podcast Introduction Template:

  • Host’s Name:
  • Name of Podcast:
  • Date Started:
  • Description of Show:
  • My audience is:
  • Great guests for my show would be: