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We are in the world of Web 3.0 now.

Just to review, Web 1.0 which began in the 1990’s was about sharing information.

Web 2.0 was about reading and writing, an exchange of ideas, and then became even more about interacting when social media started.

Now we are in Web 3.0 which is even more about interacting, building relationships.

In many ways it may still look like we’re in 2.0 because much of Web 3.0 development is happening on the “back end”, the web we don’t see.

It’s about search results.

Soon you will see the changes on the front end.


You will be able to use the internet on more devices and you will have better search results.

It is also becoming more and more social, more about community.

Here are some changes that you are probably already noticing:

You can’t buy credibility

Organic credibility is what people believe. This means you have to stay involved, engaged. It’s not so much about more to do but just doing different actions.

Numbers do not equal conversion

Just because you have 10,000 followers, doesn’t mean you’re successful or that you are going to make a lot of money. By the same token, having just a 1000 followers could be enough to have a thriving business! It’s about who those followers are!

We are building community, not an audience

We have so many more opportunities to grow our online presence, not just social media. Data is still important but it’s more about User generated content!

Searches are more accurate:

This means that your message, your words are more important than ever.

You have to know who you are talking to, what they are struggling with and what will cause them to lean in to want more from you!

The internet is a 24/7 networking opportunity to network, connect, create relationships, referrals and clients.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder in Web 3.0 and beyond!!



Diana Concoff Morgan, M.A.,H.H.E.
Internet Marketing Strategist, Consultant and Coach
National Speaker
#1 Best-Selling Published Author

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