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This is an invitation to take your business to the next level; improve your productivity and performance to sustain your purpose and profits.

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Top 8 Reasons to Build Your GRAND PLAN in a Mastermind.

Most business leaders make the decision to invest in their business to receive guidance and support when they have looked at their options for change and they are ready and willing to level up their success.

The key is being eager and open minded to do things differently in a new way, step up above your comfort zone and explore the power of possibility; build your GRAND PLAN.

  1. Your GRAND PLAN can be created in a zoom mastermind group platform. The members of your group become your partners, advocates, mentors, cheerleaders and sounding board for your business vision and strategies. If you have a desire to increase your accountability you will receive profound benefits in your productivity, personal and professional satisfaction and results with your groups support, encouragement and feedback.
  1. With meaningful guidance and feedback, you will experience a shift in perspective. You will have the chance to let go of limited thinking and get to a higher level of control over what you think, say and do. This has a dramatic impact in your work & life, and it flows over into your personal relationships. You realize the power of “Living above the Line”.
  1. Working on the structure of your GRAND PLAN you become serious about your responsibility to serve from your highest position as a leader. You develop increased clarity in making decisions and acting. Your ability to follow through consistently increases when you are accountable to someone other than yourself. You learn precisely how to “get out of your own way” and stop procrastination. Your enhanced sense of completion and accomplishment builds motivation, momentum and drive.
  1. Your revitalized business position becomes an inspired opportunity to pursue a new vision and mission. You will resource your core values, intentions, goals and objectives. These steps set a new energy of inspiration creating results far beyond what you have experienced in the past.
  1. You can analyse your business processes and create customized systematic procedures in your GRAND PLAN. You determine time wasters, activities to delegate and what to let go of. This allows more time to strictly focus on the activities that create your highest gain.
  1. Your Leadership skills will become intentional to govern your innate strengths and skills, ethics and approaches. Over time your self-reliance rises and your ability to impact others shapes greater successes.
  1. With your mastermind team in your corner your efficiency increases to a new level. You receive intimate, priceless feedback and encouragement regarding what IS working and where you could improve. This feedback is powerful learning and the benefit of being connected to a well-intentioned respectful, trusted, integrous group of business leaders.
  1. With a greater understanding and belief in business and yourself you experience Peace of Mind. The truth is you realise that your adversity has been the great teacher, motivator and your journey to success has been truly an inside job. When you experience your natural strength of mind, grow harmonious professional partnerships and appreciate your ability and opportunity to serve your business soars. Your peace of mind magnifies when you know that you have an authentic desire to support others to receive what they want and what they really need.

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carolyn new

Carolyn lives and shares the principles and wisdom of Living above the line – mindfulness with real-world business planning approaches with the GRAND PLAN. She brings over 3 decades of business development consulting/training and professional speaking.  She is knowledgeable, authentic, purposeful, and enthusiastic and sees business growth as a quest for each business to realize their GRAND POTENTIAL. She supports her clients and mastermind groups to make the decision to have clarity and conviction; step up (Above the Line) with an open mind, releasing all doubt, fear and distractions and to build their GRAND PLAN. Each business leader has an opportunity to recognize the reality of their comfort zones professionally and personally and experience the unexpected value of raising the bar.Rise up to be a leader you are meant to be and make a significant difference in the individual lives that you serve.