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You have vision but now what? One of the most crucial leadership skills for establishing and maintaining your team is crafting a shared vision that inspires yourself and your team.  Here are 10 ways to cultivate a collaborative, successful work environment.

  1. Articulate clearly your vision so you can quickly explain it to others around you. A great way to achieve a shared vision is to communicate what you want to achieve and what you want to accomplish. Everyone involved can then put their efforts into achieving that vision. When working with others, the more clearly you can articulate your vision, the easier it will be for you to gain support from your team.
  2. Listen to others to see how your vision can align with their vision. When you focus on how your vision can align with the vision of others, there is a greater chance for you to achieve your goals. When you communicate and share your vision with someone else, you may find out that they have the skills and passion required for your business to succeed.
  3. Build your vision with others on your team by co-creation. In today’s world, Vision is not a solo journey. When you add people to your team, their values, beliefs and experiences can either add to or detract from your vision. Build a vision that embraces each individual’s strengths and creates an alignment among the team members.
  4. Find ways to collaborate together towards your shared vision. Once you identify what it is that you want to get done, you can then figure out how to get there. By pairing your purpose and vision with the right people and the right tools, anything is possible. And yes, you can collaborate with us!
  5. Get people to believe by showing the value through testimonials. Nowadays, social proof or product reviews play an important role in our purchasing decision. Social proof allows us to take advantage of customer advocacy in order to influence potential customers. At the end of the day, social proof is effective because it empowers real customers to tell your story.
  6. Get people excited by starting with the WHY – why you do what you do… much before the how and what. You wake up in the morning and you’re feeling good. You’ve got a great idea in your head and it feels like the world is at your feet. The enthusiasm is there, the energy is there, but you start putting together your to-do list and all of the sudden you feel like it’s 10 miles long. So what happened? You forgot to filter out all of the noise around your idea. You forgot why it was important in the first place. Only when you know the WHY, can you figure out the how and what.
  7. Make a WHY STATEMENT that expresses your unique contribution and impact. Our Why Statement at the Grand Connection is “to help small businesses reach their Grand Potential through collaboration, skill building, and Grand Giving in a community of like-minded business enthusiasts. What is your why statement?  
  8. Encourage innovation. As business owners, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate in our businesses. Encouraging your team to brainstorm and question the status quo in an open, non judgmental environment will help them grow.
  9. Keep promises and honor requests. If they have a question or issue, try to resolve it on the spot or on the next team call. When you encourage good behavior, you create more accountability on your team.
  10. Recognize, reward and celebrate collaborative behavior. We must honor the good that exists in business and the people who collaborate across industries. While there are many organizations that celebrate individual accomplishments, few focus on the culture of collaboration that actually makes them possible. 

We invite you to attend one of our events and meet our welcoming community of like minded business owners and professionals who have a passion for Grand Giving.