How to Register for Events

All upcoming event details for guests can be found here.  Not yet a member? Join Today.

  • You can attend 2 events for free as a non-member (Grand Connection Speaker Event, Grand Connection Partner Events, Member Mixers, Group Meetings (i.e., The Grand Podcaster Group), Master Classes)
  • Exclusive events for members only: Member Mingle and Member Success Sessions
  • Free for all: LinkedIn Posting Party, Annual Conference.
  • Save the dates in your calendar by subscribing here. (Don't forget to add the Grand Connection Events Calendar in your calendar booking system so you don't double book.)

Members you can access zoom links directly for all the events in the Membership Hub under Events.

How to get the chats from the events

Missed a chat? We have saved the zoom chats for members who missed the event or didn't get a chance to download it here.

How to Become a Member of the Grand Connection Community

We welcome like-minded business enthusiasts who are committed to growing their business, want to give back and want to make an impact in the world. You can join either monthly or annual, and get upgrade to annual to save 2 months at any time.  Join now.

If this is your first time, we welcome you to attend a networking event for free as our guest. You may attend up to 2 networking events for free. Not yet sure? Sign up to get notified, join the Private Facebook Group, and meet other members (or check out their testimonials). Being a member of the Facebook Group, does not mean you are paid member.

How to Login to Member Hub

Login here: https://grandconnection.ca/gcmembers/signin/ ... Bookmark this page!

How to Get Started: Welcome, Setting Up Your Profile and More

Check out the welcome page. We have also put together a recording and page of instructions to get started when you join.

What Is Grand Giving?

Grand Giving is the underlying foundation of our three core values - connect, create and collaborate. It is through being in service in our community that we support each other and grow. There is a section in your profile called "Grand Giving". This is the place to share if you have a member to member benefit, skills you can help with and any affiliate program. An important part of community is peer to peer learning and supporting each other. It is through giving that we gain the most.

This is the place to share if you have a member to member benefit, skills you can help with and any affiliate program. An important part of community is peer to peer learning and supporting each other. It is through giving that we gain.

What Is EDU-Networking?

EDU-networking is a unique format to the Grand connection where we combine learning new business skills from experts and business leaders along with networking in the smaller breaker rooms on zoom. This is a common format for our partner events and member summits.

What Are Masterminds?

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was created by author Napoleon Hill in his book in 1937, Think and Grow Rich.  Masterminds help you understand your business and provide a massive boost to your personal and professional growth. Using your own trial and error is the old way to succeed. The power of the group in a Mastermind speeds up your growth and success. Many members are coaches and run their own masterminds. Carolyn also runs an exclusive, intimate mastermind group. At our speaker events we practice some mastermind techniques in the longer breakouts.

What Is the Grand Giveaway?

We host 2 giveaways a year. Our Grand Giveaways are of the largest collaborative marketing events of the year. A Giveaway is an online free gift offer contributed by a group of members of our community. Giveaways are a great way to build your lists and get visibility. Plus… it’s a lovely way to get some exposure, meet others and take part in Grand Giving. This is collaboration in its finest! Everyone participating each contributes an enticing gift with a hot topic related to their service, that has a value to it. More info on our latest Giveaway FAQs and how to participate is here.

What Are Groups?

Groups are a new way to have smaller communities without the Grand Connection community. Group members are able to continue the adventure by choosing specific chapters based on a theme or local groups that could meet in person. For group leaders, you have the opportunity to gain more visibility and grow your group. Groups are based on the monthly theme, flexible and and set-up by the Group Leader. Some possibilities include skill building, industry specific, referral networking, local mixers, lunch clubs, global, local, virtual or in person. Anyone wishing to start a group of their own can submit a proposal to Carolyn or complete this application. We are very excited about Groups!!! The Grand Connection will help support you in launching and marketing your Group. Our current groups are The Grand Podcasters and The Breast Connection.  The Podcaster Group meets monthly.

Where Is the Facebook Group?

You can join the private Facebook Group here. Anyone can join this as you explore the community. Find a welcome post and introduce yourself!  (Note, this is a private group on Facebook. This is different from the Group Meetings.) Non members, please respect the groups rules and use the comments in the posts to introduce yourself. Members may post their articles, announcements and events. Please put *GCM* at the end of your post.

Where Do I Find Member Benefits?

You can find member benefits from our speakers and partners at the events here.

You can also search in the membership directory for member benefits as well. Members can offer their own benefits such as discounts to other members.

How to Get Your Enhanced Zoom Account?

Members of the GC can receive an enhanced Zoom package for only 12.99 monthly. This includes:
*Up to 500-person Meetings
*Up to 500-person Webinar Attendees
*Unlimited Cloud Storage
*Ability to transfer over from an old account and keep settings
*Prorated refund for your old annual Zoom account ....and more.
More info and instructions for GC Members to sign up is here.

What Are Listings?

Listings are different from your directory profiles. Listings, added in by members are visible to the public and shared by our marketing team in social media and the email. This is an opportunity for you to promote you stuff and a great way to get visibility for an upcoming event or program. You can list your podcast, book, program, course, challenge, summit, event, app, special offer and more.

Instructions to add listings are here.

What Size of Images Do I Need?

Profile image: 400 x 400. Please make this photo of yourself rather than a logo. We are here to connect and people may remember you from the zoom events and try to find you.
Cover image: 1115 x 200. You can upload a photo you love and crop it. Or create a banner with your logo and a headline that sells you well in a program such as canva.
Listings are square. Best size is 600x600.

How Do I Become a Facilitator?

The Grand Connection is made up of a community of like-minded business owners and professionals. We are most grateful to the support of the facilitators who help make the mastermind rooms a success and the volunteer faculty who provide training opportunities for our community. If you are skilled in facilitation, and enjoy leading a group please reach out to us to explore the opportunity. Facilitators have additional opportunities to collaborate and meet the speakers in the greenroom. Apply here.

Payments & Subscription: How to Change/Update Payments/Credit Card Details and Pay Unpaid Invoices

You can update your payment method in your dashboard (top menu, right). If your card seems to be ok, please check the expiration date. Also if you continue to get failed payments check with your bank. Read more.


How to Switch from Monthly to Annual Membership?

Enjoying our community? Make the commitment and save. You can switch to an annual membership to save 2 months, received free inclusion in the giveaways and speaker spots, and lock in your rate!
Login, Go to your Dashboard (top right), Subscriptions, Upgrade. If you do not see a button to upgrade, please complete our form. More instructions are here.

Where Is Our Membership Agreement?

Your membership agreement can be found here.